Application deadline is July 1st

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What does the Youth Council do?

The Youth Council consists of high school students who will be built and molded into diocesan youth missionaries to go transform their communities through faith focused small groups.  

Their tasks will involve communication, evangelization, and formation.    

 - Being a witness of faith at the
Middle School Youth Rally via serving food and drinks, announcing speakers, being welcome staff, performing skits, and wearing special gear. 

- Assisting in advertising the Office of Youth Ministry's various retreats and events 

- Beginning and implementing your own faith sharing groups with other teens within your community through servant leadership

- Meetings will consist of mentoring from the Director of Youth Ministry and staff

- Will receive leadership formation in regards of the faith and will be able to articulate the relevance of the Catholic Church 

- Formation through like mind individuals 


What are the benefits? 

- Fellowship with students around the Diocese
- The ability to mentor middle school and elementary students 

- Free swag 

- Diocesan sub-committees 

- Personal development   

Who qualifies? 

Any Catholic student in high school that lives within the Diocese of Dodge City qualifies to apply. Students should possess self initiative, team skills, and desire to have fun while accomplishing their tasks. No experience or knowledge prior is required

When are the meeting times?

All meetings begin with mass at 9:00am. Themes & dates for each meeting are listed below.

September 16th**
Why Youth Council? Why Servant Leadership?
October 7th
Middle School Youth Rally
October 21st
Who cares about Christ?
November 25th
2x4's & Jesus 
December 9th
Embrace the Awkward
January 13th
February 24th
March 24th
April 14th
May 19th* 

** meeting will end at 3:00pm

* denotes tentatively scheduled meeting 

What does a typical meeting look like?

9:00am: Mass at the Cathedral in Dodge
10:00am: Drive to Chancery 
10:15am: Theme for the meeting
11:00am: Small group sharing / Diocesan communication 
12:00pm: Lunch 

Where do they meet? 

Youth Council meets in Dodge City for their meetings. The meetings begin with 9:00am Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe and then the meetings is heldafterwards. All meetings will end at noon unless stated otherwise. 

How can I join?

Applications are taken after the end of the school year. If you're interested in contributing to the youth council feel free to apply and we'll be in touch

with you!


adam urban
Director of Youth Ministry