What is respect life?

"In our present social context, marked by a dramatic struggle between the "culture of life" and the "culture of death", there is need to develop a deep critical sense, capable of discerning true values and authentic needs. What is urgently called for is a general mobilization of consciences and a united ethical effort to activate a great campaign in support of life. All together, we must build a new culture of life".

-Pope St. John Paul II, The Gospel of Life, no. 95

national march for life

When: January 2021

Where: Washington D.C.

Who: High School and Adult Chaperones

state march for life

When: January 2021

Where: Topeka, KS

Who: Families


We have always been Pro-Life, however, we were never really active about our position.  We believed that Abortion was wrong in every sense of the word, however that was as far we got. We prayed occassionally for an end to abortion but did nothing else. That was until we went on the March for Life in DC with our son.  That experience lit the fire that it is important as Catholics and Christians to do more than an occasional prayer.  If we are ever going to make a difference in this world we have to do more than sit on the sidelines because we would never do such a thing and think that it’s really not affecting us. To affect change we have to do more than be Pro-Life in our hearts and minds. We have to be ACTIVE and show the world that we are Pro-Life by not only how we live our lives but how we promote our the cause to save the lives of those that cannot standup or protect themselves.

-Tom and Lisa Ridder, Leoti